Discoveries: first 48 hours on campus

It has been a fun two days exploring campus on foot and getting my bearings on this enormous campus.  Less than 48 hours after arriving I achieved ‘local’ status today by giving directions to other ‘new’ students who had lost their way. Here are a few things I have discovered in my wanderings.

Happy discoveries:

  • The weather has been 30+ each day and all the buildings are air-conditioned.
  • I have a strong wifi connection both in my apartment and all over campus.
  • There are actually two bathrooms in my four bedroom apartment so I share with only one other person.
  • Lovely English girl living in adjacent bedroom also loves her earl grey tea and is happy to share.
  • No house maintenance. When something breaks in the apartment you call an RA (Resident Assistant) to fix it.
  • Full time students get free gym membership.
  • Fresh air, open skies, and the smell of freshly mown grass and pine needles in the air when I walk out the door.

Not-so-happy discoveries:

  • Fresh fruit and vegetables are hard to find on campus.
  • There is NO supermarket here.
  • I really should have bought a car. Transport is limited and the campus is isolated.
  • Electric coil cooktop in the kitchen.
  • The music preferences of the undergraduates living upstairs.
  • I am yet to locate a campus bar. Yes I know, this should have been first priority.
  • The best way to be understood is to imitate the American accent. I have learned to ask for “wad-derrrrr” instead of ‘wa-ter’.

Very “American” sights 

  • The football team leaving training in various states of dress and undress: helmets, padding, lyrca leggings, shirts, strapping tape etc. dragging behind them.
  • The trainers for the football team going to the practice field on a quad bike topped with two gigantic Gatorade coolers, and about 100 rolls of strapping tape.
  • The girls’ basketball team coming out of practice with bags of ice cello-taped on to various limbs and joints.
  • University emblazoned mechandise on every second student. Go school!
  • The local beaver and squirrel population. They keep scurrying across the sidewalk as I go from the Res Hall to central campus. (Stop laughing Nikki Robbo).
  • The bleachers, the ball park, the track, the basketball stadium, the cafeteria.
  • Freshman orientation groups playing get-to-know-you games.
  • Professors and other academics wearing bow ties to appear scholarly.

Yet to spot

  • Cheerleaders
  • Frat brothers and sorority sisters*
  • A fellow Australian

* They do exist. I know this because the university website refers to them as “students who live in Greek-lettered social club residence halls”!

It is all quite a sight to behold and I am enjoying soaking it all in.



2 thoughts on “Discoveries: first 48 hours on campus

  1. Kate jamison

    I enjoyed reading this, paints a vivid pic 🙂 Hopefully you have rectified the campus bar problem. Surely gen y roomies have pointed you in the right direction.


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