The Evolution of Cask Wine

My roomies had a party in our apartment last Friday night. Sadly (or rather, conveniently for all concerned) I was on a weekend away from campus. Before leaving, I did get to discuss with my roomies the party drinks of choice for their generation.

I think this picture from our shared fridge says it all. It might even bring back a few memories from the 1980s for some of my readers. Cask wine

I tried to explain that it was known as a ‘goon bag’ back in Australia, but it was very alien terminology on these Gen-Yers.

Then, in today’s edition of the university newspaper, I found this amusing cartoon depicting the latest development in the history of the cask.

Cask wine cartoon

Whatever you call it: boxed wine, cask wine, the bag of goon, I think we can all agree that ‘Carboardeaux’ is far more appealing.

Bottoms up folks!



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