Whiteboard Wisdom

Every Monday I have a team meeting with my co-workers* in room G427. It appears that G427 is also the venue for RAs (Residential Assistants) to gather on the last Sunday of the month to review and plan their programs. The left over meeting notes on the white board have been  amusing and informative for myself and my coworkers. And even better they have provided material for this blog post.

In September the RAs reviewed the success, or otherwise, of the orientation sessions in the first month of the academic year.

Showing good leadership, they realised that while it is important to reflect both on what went well…

Went well

… one should also be honest about what went poorly.

Went poorly

Hmmm… sometimes demand exceeds supply. And as my friend Loaf remarked “I wonder what they were doing with the ice cream that made it uncomfortable?” Indeed.

In October the RAs stopped to think about the needs of each particular cohort of students.

The Freshman…


The Sophomores


(I wonder if the Sophomores have an identity crisis because they are ‘forgotten’?)

The Juniors


and the Seniors. ( To support the end-of-an-era mood cue Greenday track here )


But it appears the RAs became stumped when considering the needs of their older student cohort.


I think I’ll manage okay.

* I have learned co-workers is  the preferred term here, not colleagues.

PS: My friend HSLC has shown some initiative and proposed what might go in the graduate column. Thanks for chiming in!

Graduates filled in


Any questions?

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