They do things differently here…

Now Australia and the USA share a few common characteristics. You know, like the English language, democracy, paved roads and footpaths, sorry, sidewalks, western culture etc. Nonetheless there are surely likely to be some tricky moments when I arrive and starting living, working and socialising with the locals. So imagine my relief (!!!) when the international student centre saw fit to send me this helpful and appropriately-titled flyer “Living and Working with Americans”. Tag this post now people. You may one day need this advice.


My favourite passage is in the ‘Conversations’ passage on page 2.

So must remember…

  • Silence is awkward. Fill the silence, fill the silence, fill the silence.
  • At all times stay 18 inches away from your fellow conversationalist. Now how far is that in centimetres again…?



3 thoughts on “They do things differently here…

  1. Loaf

    I love that Americans can be competitive and yet they can also cooperate. Amazing! That info-sheet cracks me up. I wonder if the authors wrote with their tongues in their cheeks?!

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